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Merge live media, data and participants into a single video & audio stream


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Browser-based client integration on any device - desktop and mobile 

What's possible with the eyeson video API?

The eyeson API enables video communication for your application or platform. We rely on web standards so you can implement your online conference service with no hassle.

Build a video platform that connects users, keep the data on your side and let eyeson do the live video part. Take advantage of modern technologies like WebRTC to provide video/audio in web or mobile applications without additional software.

  • Inject media & data directly into your video meetings
  • Create online conferences with low bandwidth usage
  • Build a video platform that connects users
  • Host your own virtual meeting, webinar or event


Start a meeting

The most basic action, to start a meeting, does only require a single request to our service. Immediately a meeting is prepared and available to be joined. The service provides a secure access token that authenticates your user. In order to use eyeson as quickly as possible, you can simply forward your user to the default eyeson web UI. No need for your users to install any additional software.



Get together

To ensure your participants end up in the same meeting you can use the unique identifier argument (id). This also comes in handy when you want to keep track of the meetings that took place as well as any recordings that have happened. We provide web hooks to do so.

Register your service endpoint once and all meeting and recording information of any future sessions will be sent there. Select custom identifiers for your meetings and users, so you can fully integrate any details in your existing platform.



Default user interface

To get started quickly we provide a default web user interface. However, if the provided options do not fit your needs you can easily build your own user interface.

We do provide a JavaScript package that helps you get started, hides away the tricky parts and additionally provides you with many helpers that save time and money like a device manager or a feature detector.

Using a custom UI you have no limits on controlling the look and feel of your video sessions. Additionally, it can be integrated seamlessly into any existing platform.


Layouts, layers & language

Participants will be presented in a tiled video layout where eyeson takes care updating the stream depending on the number of users. However with the eyeson API you can easily assign specific users to a video position.

Besides the advantages of low bandwidth usage, the eyeson single stream technology also allows injecting media and data directly into the stream. All participants will see the same video stream, the same as shown in broadcasts or being recorded.

On demand, the default web UI can be used in German as well as in some community translated languages. For sure you can add languages, simply by creating a pull request at GitHub.


Explore API features

With the wide range of features provided by the API service, you can build a wide range of video solution products. The Single Stream Technology ensures high-quality output while requesting low bandwidth only.


Use a single join command to start a meeting with up to 100 participants.

Data injection

Inject data like images or even other videos into your meeting.

Recording & snapshots

Create recordings and snapshots from your video stream.

Video LAyouts

Choose of different video layouts and assign your participants.

Live streaming

Broadcast to platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter or Restream.

Default interface

Use the default eyeson UI to quickstart your project.

Further API information for developers

No marketing in here 😉 Read the latest documentation from our developers which help you to implement the eyeson video conferencing API.



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Find eyeson implementation examples, Q&A and library implementations on GitHub.



In case you want to explore eyeson before implementing it, check our Help Center.



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