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Build great solutions with our easy to integrate eyeson API

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Easy to integrate

Add live video easily into your app or website and customize it.

fair Pricing

Pay per minute regardless of how many participants - all features included.

Cloud hosting

High video meeting performance with managed hosting.

100% Browser

Browser-based video meeting access with no installation.

Easy to integrate & to maintain

Relieve developers with self-managed video integrations

Tap into enterprise-ready services and server maintenance and let developers focus on what is most important for your organization. Our video meeting API provides a white label integration for state of the art web-frontend solutions. Take control of your customer journeys with developer friendly, highly flexible video conferencing API.

Keep your data and let eyeson do the live video part!

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Video meeting with data

flexible and safe

Cost efficient with a fair and transparent pricing model


Deliver video meetings with one click, and integrate special features like screen sharing, recording and live streaming at no extra cost. 

Every feature is accessible on any device without installation - 100% browser-based. We provide customized and flexible hosting locations, fully scalable on standard cloud providers, such as AWS, Exoscale, Telekom and more.

Our patented Single-Stream Technology offers you a supercharged WebRTC API with automatic bandwidth optimization.

Safe by design - our service is fail-safe and secure.

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Fair & transparent pricing

Our pricing is based on the amount of time a room is open, no matter how many participants are taking part, all features and storage included.

»  Managed hosting
»  Meeting data
»  Video recording

»  Video/Snapshot storage
»  Media download
»  PDF/Image presentation

»  Screensharing
»  Up to 100 participants/room
»  Streaming


You can test and evaluate all our features for free - up to 1,000 min/month.

$ 0 per month


Contact us if you need managed servers, additional support, or minutes.

Pricing tailored to your needs & use-case

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To get started with your project sign up and create your own API key. We provide a free plan that includes some time credit to test our API service. You can upgrade your plan in the developer portal or contact our sales team to find you a custom plan. Our smallest plan starts with $ 189 per month (excl. taxes) with 4,000 min/month included. Price based per minutes per meeting room.

As per our Fair Use Policy, we put limits on API usage to protect the system from receiving more data than it can handle, and to ensure an equitable distribution of the system resources.

Models can also be upgraded any time if the chosen package is too small or downgraded, if you need less minutes or resources. When your monthly API minutes exceed the limit noticeably for your current plan, and our Customer Success Department has contacted you regarding your usage with no response, we have the right to upgrade your API key to the next subscription plan. Unused minutes cannot be transferred to the next month (reset every month).

Usage limits help keep our service fair for everyone. Design your application to respect the per-user and per-app API request limits. If you think you are likely to exceed the published usage limits, please contact us.

Fair use limits applying to eyeson API subscriptions. Choose the path that’s right for you.
This Fair Use Policy (FUP) forms an integral part of the agreement between you and eyeson GmbH, as applicable, that governs your use of eyeson software and services. Capitalized terms used but not defined below, shall have the meaning outlined in the agreement. If you do not agree with this FUP, do not use any eyeson software or services. The limits outlined below apply solely to current plans.

Each customer, including a company, is limited to one (1) eyeson API key account.

Max parallel meetings: 25

If you need more than 25 meetings parallel, please contact a dedicated account manager or reach out to our customer success team to discuss available options.


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